High-end welding & testing

Pronexos offers specialist welding services, including non-destructive and destructive testing, manufacturing and installation, and training.

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Aluminium welding specialists

Pronexos excels at aluminium welding for containments such as Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and piping systems such as Gas Insulated Lines (GIL), with a forty year history of undertaking specialist leak-tight aluminium welds.

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Specialist Welding Training

Pronexos can train your welders to improve their skills in producing gas-tight welds that will last for years, at our specialist Welding School in Germany.

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Flow forming

Pronexos has advanced capabilities in expert
flow forming to produce seamless hollow metal tubes,
often to complex designs.

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Commitment to Quality

Pronexos has the skills, experience and innovative heritage to design, perform and test welds in situations where other service providers cannot operate.   Read more